The outdoor renovations have been completed to the rooftop expansion of 122 Fifth Avenue, situated in Union Square, Manhattan. This 11-story mixed-use endeavor, constructed by Bromley Companies and designed by STUDIOS architecture, has seen the completion of a $100 million, 300,000-square-foot extension dedicated to retail and office areas.

Project Details

Solicito and Son played a pivotal role in the rooftop landscaping of this project. Our team of expert landscapers were responsible for the installation of steel planters, seamlessly integrating them into the architectural landscape. Meticulous planting and precision irrigation brought the rooftop to life, transforming it into a lush haven above. Notably, we curated a captivating green roof that not only blended harmoniously with the surroundings but also introduced an environmentally-conscious dimension. Our involvement ensures that the rooftop landscaping thrives as a captivating and integral facet of the entire development, embodying our steadfast commitment to innovation and quality.

Project Features

  • Custom Steel Planters
  • Planting & Gardening
  • Irrigation & Drainage
  • Green Roof

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